Translate text via Google Translate

How It Works

Maid-chan feat translate-shell provide an interface to use Google Translate as translation tool via Facebook Messenger.

maidchan-translate-text maidchan-translate-text

Initially, Maid-chan will identify the given message in 4 parts:

  • “translate” keyword (or “terjemahkan” in Bahasa)
  • “from” keyword outside quotes, which is used to identify source language
  • “to” keyword outside quotes, which is used to identify target language
  • source text for translation

Since there are multiple mapping possibilities (“id”, “Indo”, “Indonesia” have the same meaning), “from” and “to” keywords are mapped to its appropriate language code. Currently, Maid-chan supports Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Japanese.


If Maid-chan could not recognize proper mapping, get_trans_language_prediction is called. This function will use Google language detection to see whether Maid-chan could map source text into 1 out of 3 supported languages.

Several default rules in Maid-chan are:

  • English will be translated to Japanese
  • Japanese will be translated to English
  • Bahasa Indonesia will be translated to Japanese
  • Default source language is Google language detection and default target language is English