Features Overview

Features List

Currently, Maid-chan has the following features:

maid-primitive-messenger maid-primitive-gif maid-chatbot-messenger
  • Daily Offerings: If user decides to subscribe for offerings feature, Maid-chan will send a good morning and a good night message with one additional image from offerings/stock directory.
maidchan-offerings-morning maidchan-offerings-night
  • Daily Japanese Lesson: If user decides to subscribe for Japanese lesson feature, Maid-chan will send a Kanji (N1-N4, by choice) and a Vocabulary for each day.
maidchan-japanese-messenger maidchan-rss-preset-manga
  • Translate text via Google Translate: For every messages which have “translate” and its language derivatives in it, Maid-chan will use Google-translate to translate the given messages (with several default configuration).
  • Tokyo Train Status feat Yahoo Japan: Yahoo Japan provides real-time information of all trains status in Tokyo. Instead of checking pages periodically, Maid-chan will send push notification via Messenger if there is a trouble with the monitored lines.

Currently, Maid-chan only supports Asia/Tokyo timezone (UTC +9).

Available Commands

All commands receive 2 parameters: redis_client as RedisDriver object and recipient_id as user’s identifier.

maidchan.command.process_help(redis_client, recipient_id)[source]

help is used to get the list of all available commands from Maid-chan.

maidchan.command.process_subscribe_offerings(redis_client, recipient_id)[source]

subscribe offerings is used to subscribe daily offerings.

maidchan.command.process_unsubscribe_offerings(redis_client, recipient_id)[source]

unsubscribe offerings is used to unsubscribe daily offerings.

maidchan.command.process_update_offerings(redis_client, recipient_id)[source]

update offerings is used to update information (wake up & sleeping time) for daily offerings.

maidchan.command.process_subscribe_japanese(redis_client, recipient_id)[source]

subscribe japanese is used to subscribe daily Japanese lesson.

maidchan.command.process_unsubscribe_japanese(redis_client, recipient_id)[source]

unsubscribe japanese is used to unsubscribe daily Japanese lesson.

maidchan.command.process_update_japanese(redis_client, recipient_id)[source]

update japanese is used to update information (Kanji N1-N4 level) for daily Japanese lesson.

maidchan.command.process_update_name(redis_client, recipient_id)[source]

update name is used to change user’s nickname. By default, Maid-chan will use onii-chan to call users.

maidchan.command.process_subscribe_rss(redis_client, recipient_id)[source]

subscribe rss is used to subscribe a new RSS Feed with its pattern and let Maid-chan sends a notification if there is an update.

maidchan.command.process_unsubscribe_rss(redis_client, recipient_id)[source]

unsubscribe rss is used to remove one of the registered RSS Feed.

maidchan.command.process_subscribe_train(redis_client, recipient_id)[source]

subscribe train is used to subscribe Tokyo train status notification and let Maid-chan sends a message if there is an update.

maidchan.command.process_unsubscribe_train(redis_client, recipient_id)[source]

unsubscribe train is used to unsubscribe Tokyo train status notification.

maidchan.command.process_show_profile(redis_client, recipient_id)[source]

show profile is used to show user’s nickname, subscription status, and preference.