RSS Feed Notifier

How It Works

Maid-chan accepts RSS Feed subscription and sends out notification for each RSS update. By default, user can use 2 default preset:

maidchan-rss-preset-manga maidchan-rss-preset-manga

In addition, user can also use its own custom RSS Feed source.


When the user subscribes using custom RSS, Maid-chan validates whether given URL has a valid RSS format via feedparser library.


Maid-chan uses regex comparison from user’s input to the title of feed entries. Maid-chan stores list of all matched titles from the RSS Feed.

maidchan.rss.validate_and_create_entry(url, pattern)[source]

If there is a new title which is not stored in the database, Maid-chan will send out a notification to the user that a new update is available.

Initially, timestamp is used instead of list of titles. However, some sources (mangaupdates) don’t provide timestamp information.

How to Run

  1. You can start running scheduler by executing:
$ maidchan_scheduler
  1. You can add & remove RSS to Maid-chan’s RSS Feed notifier via subscribe rss and unsubscribe rss command in the Messenger.